Léon’s values and sustainable development

Léon de Bruxelles’ vision is on a long term growth, respectful of humans and environment. Léon’s culture is based on strong values in accordance with a sustainable development.

In order to make our customers live an authentic experience,every member of our company share common values:

  • Conviviality : Families, friends, lovers and elders: everybody has a place at Léon’s. Here we feast, we laugh and we share good moments with the ones we love.
  • Generosity: We find it in every generous plate we serve to the gourmands. We also find generosity in Léon’s heart who receives just like at home.
  • SincerityAt Léon’s we have real cookers who work with fresh products from responsible producers. This is how we make sure our customers spend good moments! At Léon’s everything is REAL.
  • Engagement :Our freshly caught mussels and fishes ensure everyday quality products! Our recipes have been though with fresh products thanks to our partners mussels growers, fishermen, producers, farmers who work every day with Léon to keep this engagement!

For several years, Léon de Bruxelles human management and social policy have been one of the most efficient models in the restauration sector. The company has placed its sustainable development on the center of its strategy and has engaged itself in a way of progress on environmental, social and societal concerns.

To do so, Léon de Bruxelles has settled a sustainable development direction and made its first carbon footprint evaluation in 2009, renewed in 2015.
(This carbon footprint evaluation® measures the emissions of greenhouse gases direct or indirect, linked to the activity and communicated in tons equivalent CO2. To read more about it, please go on the ADEME website: http://ecocitoyens.ademe.fr).

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