Our mussel line

Our mussel line: a guarantee for taste and quality

At Léon’s, we do not trifle with mussels’ quality and savor. Frozen food, not for us! All of our mussels are produced by the best mussel producers, delivered fresh and stay alive utile they are cooked. Everything you have to know about the mussels line of Léon de Bruxelles

Contrary to received wisdom, mussels are not only produced during months in R. The best varieties produced by the best mussels producers from North to South are carefully selected by and for Léon all year long.

Moules fraîchesMUSSELS’ BENEFITS
Often unknown, mussels have many properties. They offer the best of the sea with a high Omega 3 content and a cocktail of magnesium, iodine, vitamins B and C, iron and calcium. They are also very healthy with only 2g of fat per portion and very few carbohydrates.

They are 3 main raising methods for mussels: culture on ocean floor, on ropes and on stakes. They all start by capturing spats (baby mussels) in the sea to put them in parks, still in natural environment. The spats then grow eating plankton and micro seaweeds only.

pecheurs moules fraîchesQUALITY AND TRACEABILITY
To Léon as well as to its producers, the mussel line is very serious matter. We have established very strict specifications going beyond European regulations. We have detailed our requirements in terms of hygiene, traceability and work methodology. In order to guarantee the quality, a weekly selection is done in headquarter to approve the delivery repartition of mussels in every restaurant. The goal : check the freshness, guarantee the traceability and appreciate their savor tasting them. Every partner is also regularly audited by an independent company.

In the restaurants, no secret: the mussels provenance is posted every day at the entrance.

With Léon de Bruxelles, no rest on quality: our exigence is applied 365 days a year, and 366 on bissextile years!

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