Our potato line

Our potato line: the guarantee for quality fresh fries all year long

Thanks to our partners farmers who work every day with passion, Léon de Bruxelles is today the 1st restaurant network to offer fresh fries to its clients. Discover all you have to know about the potato line of Léon de Bruxelles.

The history of potato and fries

The history of potato has started thousand years before our era. It has been discovered about 10 000 years ago by the Indians from Peru. The Spanish explorers brought it back from South America to Europe. During the Middle Age, potato has quickly replaced rye bread, which had been infected by epidemics. From this time, potato has become a major product of the French and Belgian gastronomy.

The history of fries is younger. According to the legend, people from the Meuse valley (Belgium) would have discovered the fries during a freezing winter in 1750. They had for habit to fish and fry small fishes. Rivers were frozen so they decided to fry small potato sticks instead. After this great discover, fries have conquered the whole world.


The culture of potato at Léon de Bruxelles

Léon de Bruxelles has developed a dedicated potatoe line to guarantee quality products. Potato culture last for a year. It starts with the preparation soil (October), then with the plants plantation (March to April), the potatoes growth (May), the tuber flowering (June), the irrigation (July) and the topkilling to keep the tuber (September). The cycle stops with the harvest of potatoes in September and October. They are then stored in a dry place.
The fresh potato is harvested for June to September/October. It is then stored over a year. Our partners farmers are keeping an eye on them to ensure and optimal conservation and quality fries all year long.

The bintje: star potato to make our fries

Peeled potato, elevated view
Léon de Bruxelles uses mainly the bintje, a potato variety known as the best to make fries. Indeed, she can be stored over a year without losing its taste and has a nice yellow color and a real savor that give it exceptional cooking properties.

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