Our quality products

Right ingredients make the right recipes…
Our ingredients are fresh and cooked on-site: this makes the difference!
We engage with talented artisans qwho bring their know-how in our partnership and who provide quality products.Thanks to them, we are able to cook fresh starters, dishes and desserts.

Our fresh Fish & Chips
Every day Léon and its fishermen partners offer fresh fish filets caught out at sea. Our cookers prepare an exceptional Fish & Chips as fresh as tasty!



An exceptional crème fraiche: our partner Isigny-ste-Mère
This crème fraiche is made from the creaming of the best French cow’s milk. It has the protected designation of origin. We chose this product to be part of our recipes because it is exceptional and refined.

GAUFRE BANANA SPLITA unique whipped cream: our partner La Laiterie de Montaigu®
Thanks to is traditional expertise La Laiterie de Montaigu gives us a high quality cream to accompany our dessert with a delicious whipped cream!


MOULES ISIGNY ROQUEFORT 3 v2Roquefort with a lot of character: our partner Roquefort Société
Ripened since 1863 in natural caves following the pure cheese tradition, this product offers savors that perfectly match with our fresh mussels.

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