Humans and Léon

  • A proximity management system and a expertise transmissions to the teams
  • Career evolutions visible and accessible within the company
  • Professional support and permanent training through “Léon’s school”

Enrich yourself with new competences again and again!

Since 2004 Léon has decided to be focus on training its employees (essentials on our company, our trades, products, hygiene, food security and improvement of sale and management methods).

In 2008, we have settled an e-learning system which allows all of the staff to train at its rhythm in its restaurant. Knowledge has been improved durably.

A challenging training plan

Formation is accessible to every member of any team. We devote a significant part of our budget every year to formation as it is one of our priorities in our development. We create in 2005 “Léon’s school” which is a tool we use to answer our needs and those of our employees in terms of competences development and professional evolution.

Service quality, competences development and expertise transmission are our daily concerns!

Formation is priority at Léon’s for every team. Everyone has the opportunity to reveal its potential and to evolve in the company. Most of our Directors and managers have been promoted internally and use their talents every day.

Diversity is a reality and an asset for Léon de Bruxelles

For several years, diversity has been included in Léon’s social responsibility: youth recruitment, senior policy, men/women balance,… Léon’s humans’ management and social policy are one of the most innovative models in the restauration sector. Signing the diversity chart, Léon de Bruxelles has confirmed its engagement in diversity promotion and fight against discriminations in the employment sector (geographical, socio-cultural or religious origin, age, gender, health status, etc.).

Our goal: formalize and capitalize on what has been done on diversity in our HR policy

  • Attract and create a sustainable relation with new employees
  • Optimize competences’ management.

Our primary concern: professional insertion (apprenticeship, professionalization)


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