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Mussels à la marinière

12,00€ img1

Menu starting at 15€


Other receipes of mussels

13,50€ img2

Menu starting at 16,50€



12,00€ img3

Menu starting at 15€


Fresh fish & frites

13,50€ img4

Menu starting at 16€50

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Order online and pick up your Léon Box in restaurant!

Enjoy the freshness of our delicious receipes of mussels and fresh French fries at home!

Order from your computer, tablet or smartphone and pick up your meal in the restaurant of your choice.

Order your menu online

En savoir plus Start by choosing your restaurant. Select the menu you like and confirm your order. We guarantee the quality of our preparations and the absolute freshness of our products in our restaurants as well as in the Léon Box. Our receipes are cooked on site with fresh and quality ingredients, it makes all the difference!

Pick up you menu in your restaurant

En savoir plus Our receipes are cooked on demand, do not wait to come and pick up your meal to enjoy the best quality and an optimal temperature! Show your order number and we will give you your menu!

Enjoy your Léon Box!

En savoir plus You can now enjoy your Léon Box at home! Mussels, fresh French fries, drinks and delicious desserts, the harder will be the choice! If needed, follow our warm up and savouring advices you can find below.

Our savoir-faire

to offer good moments

Our receipes are packed to stay warm

but if needed, here are some warm up advices

Our receipes to take away

à la carte

Casseroles of mussels (800g)

Fresh and cooked on demand in individual portions, with good fresh ingredients!

Mussels à la marinière12,00€ Other receipes of your choice13,50€


Fresh beef hamburger 120g with cheese12,00€

Fresh fish & frites

Breaded fresh fish fillets, cooked to order.13,50€


Fromage blanc: plain, with sugar, or with red fruits coulis3,50€ Waffle with sugar3,50€ 1/4 fresh pineapple3,50€


Coca-Cola 33cl3,00€ Coca-Cola zero 33cl3,00€ Oasis 33cl3,00€ Vittel 33cl3,00€ Bière Heineken 33cl3,00€ Vin blanc Réserve Domaine Perrière, Chardonnay Alc. 13% - 25cl4,00€

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