With sugar

With homemade chocolate

With whipped cream

With homemade chocolate and whipped cream

The Leon

Vanilla ice cream, homemade chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Pineapple and coconut

Coconut ice cream, fresh pineapple, red fruits coulis and whipped cream.

The famous Isigny Ste Mère fromage blanc

Choose from plain, with sugar or with red fruit coulis.

Half a fresh pineapple cut up

Crème brûlée

Rum Baba New

Profiteroles with homemade chocolate sauce New

Chocolate fondant cake

Served with vanilla ice cream

Dessert selection

Mini chocolate fondant cake, waffle with homemade chocolate sauce, mini Léon sundae and mini crème brûlée.

Coffee or chocolate Liegeoise sundae

3 scoops of ice cream covered in sauce and topped with whipped cream.

Léon sundae

1 scoop of vanilla, 1 scoop of strawberry ice cream on a red fruit salad, with red fruit coulis and whipped cream.

Dame blanche sundae

3 scoops of vanilla ice cream, homemade chocolate sauce, whipped cream.

Dame coco-choco sundae

2 scoops of coconut ice cream, 1 scoop of chocolate ice cream, homemade chocolate sauce, whipped cream.

Our ice creams and sorbets

Ice creams: vanilla, strawberry, speculoos, coffee, chocolate, salted butter caramel, coconut.
Sorbets: blackcurrant, lemon, raspberry, passion fruit.

The Parisian

100% Arabica coffee, mini chocolate fondant cake and mini crème brûlée

The Léon

100% arabica coffee, mini waffle, speculoos ice cream, fresh pineapple diced and whipped cream.

Holidays selection New

Mini fondant, half waffle and ref fruit coulis, diced fresh pineapple, whipped cream, chocolate ice cream, pistachio, crumble and homemade chocolate sauce.

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