Leon’s beer, the Pelforth

A light lager with a creamy mousse and a subtle balance between roundness and bitterness. 5.5% alc. vol.


A blond top-fermented beer and its delicious Belgian cuisine. Alc. 6,7% vol.

La bière de l’été, l’Edelweiss

A white beer of Austrian origin, which will surprise you by its freshness and its authentic taste. Alc. 5 % vol.

Beer Cocktail "Holidays Passion" New

Affligem Christmas beer, Caraïbos Marajucà juice and Chestnut Syrup


Alc. 6,4 % vol.


Alc. 8,5 % vol.


Alc. 6% vol.


Alc. 8,4 % vol.

St Louis Premium Kriek

Alc. 3,2 % vol

Chimay Bleue

Alc. 9 % vol.

La Chouffe

Alc. 8% vol.


Alc. 5% vol.

Heineken 0.0

Alcohol free

(1) Alcohol abuse is bad for your health

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